Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why I wanted it ... and why I shouldn't have

o Why I wanted a Chapman Stick:

- It is sensual and expressive, and it responds beautifully to different styles of playing.

- It is "hands on", close to your body.

- It offers many ways to sculpture sounds: tapping, sliding, bending, plucking.

- It is equally useful for chords as well as melody or rhythm.

o Why I should have avoided the Chapman Stick:

- The "foreign" concept makes it hard to master. Be patient!

- Is it meant for guitarists? - No! - Is it workable for pianists? - No! The method of using playing techniquies borrowed from both the guitar as well as the piano makes it special and at the same time intuitive.

- The stick is a rare instrument and not much educational material are available. Thankfully the Emmett Chapman himself and different user groups have produced excellent study-books. Still you need to be prepared to experiment!

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